Sunny disposition: This baby girl swapped her spot under the umbrella to in her mother's sun hat

¿Te has preguntado alguna vez como quedaria si intercambiases la cabeza con la de otra persona, o si pusieses la tuya en el cuerpo de alguien? Pues gracias a la tecnica eso ya es posible… por lo menos gracias al photoshop y al ingenio de Paul Ripke. Aqui tienes el resultado de intercambiar la cabeza de padres e hijos… la verdad es que curioso… y muy simpatico…

Child's play: Dad has some fun while being swung around in his dad's arms

Roles reversed: A bearded baby sits on the knee of his fresh-faced father

Merry dance: Mother and daughter have fun with their new roles

Unnerving: Photographer Paul Ripke tried the experiment with children of all ages but found one-year-olds were best

World famous: The photos are on display in Germany but have become an internet sensation

Like father like son: Dad takes over the football duties from his fleet of foot child

Weird: Some parents admitted that the images were unsettling

Bizarre: Ripke said that the trick was trying to get the swapped heads in perfect proportion

Swashbuckling: This proud pirate looks unsure about carrying his dad

Solemn: This unhappy baby would prefer things back to normal

Fussball mad: The Germans love the beautiful game like we do and this is reflected in several pictures

Into the swing: Mum looks like she is really enjoying playtime

All grown up: Dad gets to have a go on his son's bike while the youngster gets to be more like his father

Curioso, verdad?

Espero que te hayan gustado las imagenes y quiza tambien tu te animes a probar.


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